What to expect

Hayes Chiropractic is based in the Healthy Living Zone within the brand new Hengrove Park Leisure Centre.  We practice evidence-based Chiropractic healthcare utilising spinal adjustments, soft tissue work and dry needling (western style acupuncture) and rehabilitative exercise designed to help you recover optimum health and peak performance naturally. We will demonstrate how best to care for your back, neck and other extremities to prevent further pain.

New patient appointments typically take 45 minutes. We will a initially discuss your medical history to better understand your presenting complaint then conduct a physical examination which includes orthopaedic and chiropractic tests to evaluate your physical health. We provide gowns for examination purposes but as we work in a leisure complex you are welcome to wear gymwear if thats more comfortable for you. By considering the results of both history and examination we will then provide a comprehensive report of findings which details your working diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  This is the important bit as basically we will inform you as to whether chiropractic treatment will be appropriate for you, how long the treatment is likely to take and what it will involve, alternatively if your problem is not suitable for chiropractic treatment then alternative recommendations will be made.

Treatment appointments typically take 15 minutes, sufficient time is always given to allow for your individual treatment to be given in a relaxed and informal manner.  We pride ourselves on providing personalised care to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Some private insurance cover includes chiropractic care. If you’re paying for yourself, we’ll find a treatment plan that fits your budget. We work with all of our clients to provide the best possible value for their money.

Contact us to set up an appointment, and make a commitment to your well-being today!