Backcare Awareness Week October 8th-12th 2012

The charity Backcare has launched “Builder’s Back Pain”, a new campaign during BackCare Awareness Week.  This focusses on the construction industry, which generates 30,000 new back injuries every year.
Back pain doesn’t kill, it tortures – destroying lives and livelihoods; it accounts for half of all chronic pain and is the leading cause of sickness absence from work.
The financial burden of back pain is enormous; EVERY DAY it costs the NHS £1.3 million, EVERY DAY it costs £13 million in Disability Benefits, and EVERY DAY it costs the UK Economy £37 million. That’s a staggering £19 BILLION every year!
Here at Hayes Chiropractic we will be supporting this initiative by offering our free 15 minute advisory consultations to see whether or not chiropractic would be able to assist in your recovery.

Treating the Kenyan Olympic Team pays off

Inspired by treating Kenyan 2012 Olympians Chiropractor Jake Hayes qualified for the 2013 AAA UK marathon championships.  Jake ran a 2 hour 41 minute personal best this weekend at the 2012 MBNA Chester Marathon beating the qualifying mark by 4 minutes. The AAA championship is held in conjunction with the Virgin London Marathon, to qualify athletes have to run a full marathon under 2 hours and 45 minutes.